The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

Categories Of People Who Need False Teeth

Regina Carlson

An increasing number of individuals are using false teeth across the country.  The two leading reasons for this include cosmetic and functional purposes. Many young people get dentures for cosmetic purposes, based on the current fashion trends. Functional reasons for false teeth include giving a person the ability to eat easily and talk without any difficulties. When choosing the types of dentures, you have the option of selecting permanent ones or temporary false teeth. Temporary false teeth are only worn at particular times, and you can remove them when you feel like. Permanent false teeth are fixed to the gums and cannot be easily removed. In case you need to replace them, you have to visit a dentist. The cost of false teeth depends on the exact type that you have selected.

1.    The elderly

This represents the biggest segment of people who need false teeth. Many old people lose their teeth because of natural causes, especially after they reach seventy years old. This affects their lives since they experience difficulty when eating and talking. When this happens, an ideal solution is to get false teeth which enable them to lead comfortable lives. Because of their age, many old people prefer temporary false teeth that can be removed in the evening and when they are not needed.

2.    Accident victims

Hundreds of people are involved in accidents or fights that lead to the loss of teeth. For many people, this is a huge inconvenience for them, and this causes them to get false teeth. This is more common among accident victims who are below forty years old. While the false teeth are mainly for functional purposes, they also serve a cosmetic role since such people interact with their peers on a more regular basis.

3.    Private individuals

An individual can also decide to get false teeth even though they have not been involved in an accident. This mainly arises for cosmetic purposes when a person wants to improve their looks. An example is the popularity of gold or silver teeth among young people. In this case, you visit a dentist to remove all your existing teeth and have them replaced surgically. The problem with this procedure is that it cannot be reversed easily when you change your mind in the future. Some people also experience extreme cases of tooth decay because of poor diets, and this forces them to get dentures. 


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