The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

How Cosmetic Dental Services Actually Protect The Health Of Your Mouth

Regina Carlson

When you think of cosmetic dental services such as getting your teeth capped or bonded, or replacing missing teeth with dentures or an implant, you may assume these procedures are done only to improve your appearance and your smile. However, many of these procedures are also done to protect the overall health of your teeth and your mouth. Consider how that is and why it's so important to consider having these procedures done as necessary.

1. Chipped teeth can cause cuts and scrapes

Chipped or broken teeth are not just unsightly, but they can also cut and scrape the inside of your mouth very easily especially when you're chewing. The mouth harbours a number of harmful germs and bacteria and these can settle into those open cuts and scrapes, causing an infection. This infection can travel to other parts of your mouth and even other parts of your body, allowing it to grow and become worse. If you have an oral infection, this can damage the roots of your teeth and your gums, so that they become soft and you are at risk of tooth loss.

Covering these chips or breaks with a cap or bonding can protect your mouth from these risks. This simple procedure will not only make teeth look their best but will keep them from scraping your mouth as well.

2. Missing teeth means exposed gums and the increase of infections

When you're missing teeth, this isn't just unsightly but it's also dangerous for your mouth. Exposed gums allow germs and bacteria to settle in so that you're at greater risk of an oral infection. Teeth also rest on each other for support so when one is missing, others around it may be at risk for coming loose and falling out.

False teeth and dental implants are a good solution to this. You can have a bridge created; this is like a set of dentures but with just one tooth or a few teeth rather than a full set of teeth. An implant can also be screwed into the gum line to protect your mouth and the exposed gums. If you're missing a number of teeth, it may be the best choice to have the remaining teeth removed and use a set of false teeth, for the most protection and support.

Talk to a dentist like Alan Hunt about these options for you if you have problems with your teeth. Simple procedures will make you look better and protect your overall oral health as well.


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