The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

  • Dentures and Dental Appointments: 3 Important Reasons for Denture Wearers to Visit Their Dentist

    A costly mistake that new full denture wearers sometimes make is to assume that they no longer need to see a dentist. After all, they don't have any teeth. What could go wrong? But teeth or no teeth, your oral health is still important. Even a person with no remaining natural teeth can suffer dental complications—especially if they are a denture wearer. If you have recently replaced your teeth with dentures, or plan to in the near future, you should plan to visit your dentist at least once a year.

  • Finding and Selecting a Dentist for your Child

    Whether your child's smile is bright with pearly whites or cute with a gum of freshly-sprouted teeth, regular visits to the dentist can ensure that he/she maintains a healthy smile for a long time. Just as you take finding a pediatrician for your child seriously, you should use the same seriousness in finding a pediatric or children's dentist. This is because finding a dental professional that your child is comfortable with can help you avoid any emergency dental issues as your child grows.

  • Invisalign vs Lingual Braces

    Adults who want to straighten their teeth without suffering the embarrassment of traditional metal wire-and-bracket braces often opt for Invisalign. This system uses clear plastic retainers to gradually shift the positions of teeth. Invisalign has become very popular, but it's not the only near-invisible teeth straightening option. Lingual custom braces, which use brackets and wires fixed to the backs of the teeth to straighten the smile, are another option that may be worth considering.

  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Personal Image

    People tend to judge or come to conclusions about others from their appearance. It, therefore, makes sense to maintain a great image for your self-esteem and to project a favourable image to whoever comes into contact with you. A few best practices can help you create and maintain a great personal image. Read on below to find out some of them. 1.    Care for your skin Proper skin care covers a lot, but the important thing is to keep the skin clean and healthy.

  • Can't Floss? Don't Just Ignore It, Find an Alternative

    Dentists are pretty much unified on the dental care routine you should be following, and a big part of that is flossing. While most people manage to maintain the habit of brushing twice daily, using floss sometimes goes forgotten, despite its importance. On top of all the people who regularly forget to floss, there are those who have difficulty doing it for one reason or another. If you're someone who struggles to floss, here are some suggestions for ways around specific problems and some alternatives you might find easier.

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    The History of Dentistry

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