The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

  • How To Help Your Child Manage Pediatric Dentures

    Pediatric dentures are often temporary because children grow permanent teeth later after they've lost their milk teeth. It is, however, not uncommon to have children incur permanent gum damage, which leads to the permanent loss of a tooth, or a couple of them. No matter the type of damage, if your child loses their teeth, they might eventually have to wear pediatric dentures. It's not easy for children to manage dentures because naturally kids are playful and impatient.

  • Four Reasons to Get Laser Teeth Whitening

    When you speak to your dentist about professional teeth whitening, you will be given two options: laser whitening or tray whitening. Laser teeth whitening is a highly effective form of whitening your teeth with many different benefits. Here are some reasons to choose this form of teeth whitening. You Will Improve Your Confidence If you have severe discolouring of your teeth, you might find it hard to smile. This can affect more in your life than you might imagine.

  • An Introduction To Dental Veneers: 3 FAQs

    Dental veneers are prosthetic devices that resemble thin shells, which are bonded to a patient's teeth with the aim of correcting various cosmetic defects. Porcelain and resin composite material are the most commonly used materials in the fabrication of dental veneers. These prosthetic devices are also referred to as dental porcelain laminates in some quarters. Discussed in this article are answers to a few common questions that first-time patients often have in relation to the use of dental veneers.

  • Various Tooth Straightening Options You Can Choose From

    For most people, straight and even teeth characterize their vision of a perfect smile. Unfortunately, crooked teeth is something a significant number of people have to dal wither due to bad oral practices while growing up, trauma to their teeth and more. The good news is that you can take measures toward getting your perfect smile by opting for tooth straightening treatment. Here are some of the different tooth straightening treatments that you can opt for from your dentist.

  • Maintaining Dental Health During the Holidays: Tips to Protect Your Teeth

    During the holidays, the days are full of snacks, and your family's celebrations may swing you out of your healthy dental routine. In spite of these challenges, it is possible to keep your teeth healthy during the holidays. Here are some tips to help: 1. Temper sweets with calcium-filled foods and drinks Sugar-laden sweets leave a sticky residue on your teeth. This is the perfect snack for bacteria, and as the bacteria eats the sugar off your teeth, it produces acids.

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    The History of Dentistry

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