The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

  • Can't Floss? Don't Just Ignore It, Find an Alternative

    Dentists are pretty much unified on the dental care routine you should be following, and a big part of that is flossing. While most people manage to maintain the habit of brushing twice daily, using floss sometimes goes forgotten, despite its importance. On top of all the people who regularly forget to floss, there are those who have difficulty doing it for one reason or another. If you're someone who struggles to floss, here are some suggestions for ways around specific problems and some alternatives you might find easier.

  • Why Professional Whitening Is a More Suitable Option to DIY Kits

    At-home DIY kits are a popular teeth whitening treatment that Australians are gravitating toward. Since these kits are available over the counter at most pharmacies, they are within reach of almost anybody. Moreover, their cost-efficient price tag makes them an economical option for many. Nonetheless, the easy availability and low price do not make them the best option. What some people are not aware of are the risks that these kits could pose to their oral health as well as the long-term effects on the appearance of their teeth.

  • Categories Of People Who Need False Teeth

    An increasing number of individuals are using false teeth across the country.  The two leading reasons for this include cosmetic and functional purposes. Many young people get dentures for cosmetic purposes, based on the current fashion trends. Functional reasons for false teeth include giving a person the ability to eat easily and talk without any difficulties. When choosing the types of dentures, you have the option of selecting permanent ones or temporary false teeth.

  • 5 Types of People Who Should Trying Using an Interdental Brush Instead of Flossing

    Most people use floss instead of an interdental brush, and that's a fine option. However, interdental brushes do offer some advantages that make them preferable for certain people. Here are just five types of people who should try using an interdental brush instead of flossing. 1. People with Small Mouths Having a small mouth can be a feel pain when you need to clean your teeth.  Even using a toothbrush can be hard since it can be tricky to move it around properly when there is little space to work with, especially towards the back of the mouth.

  • Natural Remedies for a Tooth Abscess

    If you are a victim of toothache, then you are not new to the pain and suffering caused by tooth-related diseases and conditions. Besides being painful, a toothache can make eating food a difficult experience. Most people also talk of sleepless nights when they are suffering from toothaches. If you want to deal with your problem, it is better you understand the cause of the toothache first. A toothache can be caused by many things, including tooth abscess.

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    The History of Dentistry

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