The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

4 Compelling Benefits of Having Your Gums Contoured

Regina Carlson

Gum contouring isn't as well-known a procedure as tooth whitening or veneer placement, but it can be an ideal way to get your smile looking its best. Here are just four benefits to having your gums contoured by an experienced cosmetic dentist.

1. Removes 'Gummy' Appearance

The clearest benefit of having your gums contoured is the removal of any excess gum tissue. Some people have more gum tissue covering their teeth than others; this can make even straight white teeth look underwhelming, and people tend to dislike what has become known as a 'gummy smile'. Gum contouring will cut away that excess tissue, leaving you more of the tooth surface uncovered for a normal smile. You'll feel better about your appearance and more willing to show off your pearly whites.

2. Evens Out Your Gum Line

The removal of excess gum tissue isn't the only cosmetic benefit to having your gums contoured. Some people, especially those who do suffer from one of those infamous gummy smiles, will find that the amount of gum covering each tooth tends to vary. This will create an uneven appearance that many people dislike. When your dentist contours the gums, they will be able to remove any jaggedness or unevenness, making gums appear perfectly uniform across the mouth.

3. Offers a Permanent Solution

Many cosmetic treatments do not represent a permanent solution. Most tooth whitening procedures, for example, will not last forever. Gum contouring is different. Your gums won't ever go back to the way they were before the procedure was carried out, so you won't need to worry about booking another contouring treatment in a few months' time!

4. The Procedure is Quick and Painless

Gum contouring probably sounds a little painful. It did used to be; dentists formerly cut away excess gum tissue with a scalpel. Nowadays, an advanced diode laser is used. This isn't strong enough to damage the teeth, but it's more than enough to remove excess tissue. You'll be given a local anaesthetic to prevent any discomfort, and the laser will cauterize the gums as it cuts them to prevent any bleeding and reduce the chances of infection. Your gums might be a little sore or swollen for a few days, but the recovery period tends to be just as quick and painless as the procedure itself.

Gum contouring doesn't take long and isn't painful, yet it is a procedure that can profoundly improve your smile. To find out more, contact a business such as DC Dental.


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