The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

What Your Orthodontist Wants You to Know About Mouthguards for Children

Regina Carlson

Your orthodontist may want your child to wear a mouthguard, especially when children play contact sports. Mouthguards are one of the most beneficial oral products on the market, and here are four things anyone in orthodontics wants you as a parent to know.

More Children Need to Wear Them

Mouthguards aren't just for children playing contact sports. They also protect the teeth from clenching, grinding and other dental issues. More children need to wear them, as research has shown only 30 percent of children use them at the moment, according to Delta Dental Plans Association. Parents not encouraging their children to use them are putting their child at risk of gum damage, tooth loss, and tooth decay. Mouthguards are now compulsory in American football because of the proven benefits.

Custom Made Mouthguards Are Available

Cheap mouthguards in sports stores are made to standard sizes. They aren't always the most comfortable but tend to be a good place to start. They still offer protection to the teeth but can cut into the gums. It is possible to go the orthodontics route and get custom made mouthguards instead.

Professionally made mouthguards are created through taking a mould of a child's mouth. The guards are then created based on that mould so they fit exactly. These are especially beneficial for children who grind their teeth overnight since the children are more likely to wear mouthguards while they sleep.

Braces Will Be Protected Through the Use of Mouthguards

When your child gets braces, mouthguards are a necessity. However, most children won't wear them. If your child plays any type of sport, orthodontists want you to push your child to wear a mouthguard even more. Your child is at a risk of trauma to the mouth, and this can damage the braces and then the teeth!

Damage to the braces can also mean damage to other parts of the mouth. The metal can cut into the gums, lips and cheeks.

They Only Protect Against Grinding Side Effects

Mouthguards are commonly prescribed in children who grind their teeth, especially overnight. The guards will protect the teeth from damage, but they don't stop the actual problem of grinding.

Some within the orthodontics field has stopped prescribing mouthguards. They want to treat the reason for the grinding, rather than essentially covering it with a bandage. You can choose a mouthguard, but work on the reasons for the grinding at the same time.


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