The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

Scared About Getting Dental Implants? You Don't Have to Be

Regina Carlson

When you have never had dental implants before, and your dentist recommends the treatment, it is normal to get scared. What's more, people around you may come up with all these myths and stories that will get you thinking, 'This is not a worthy cause to pursue'. However, tooth implants are more than just replacing a lost tooth. It impacts your oral aesthetics as well. So if you want to restore the beautiful smile you once had, this treatment is worth it. That's why this article will debunk some of the myths that you may have heard and which are getting you scared about going for the treatment.

Dental implants treatment is painful

You may have heard about how the dentist makes a deep incision in your gum, prods the area, inserts a metal thing, and leaves you in writhing pain. This mental image can get you running out of the dental office. However, this is not what happens during treatment. Yes, the procedure involves a minor surgical procedure that allows the dentist to insert the implant. However, it is relatively painless due to the use of anesthesia. What's more, your dentist will prescribe painkillers that you can take to get rid of the mild pain and discomfort that occurs after the treatment.

Implants are visible

There is a myth that once you get implants, people can see the silver metal peering through your gum. As a result, some adults will shy away from implants as they do traditional braces due to the fear of being seen with metal appliances in their mouth. Luckily, implants are not like dental braces which can be seen when you talk or smile. The implant is grafted into the gum and a crown that matches the shape and colour of your teeth placed on top of it. No one can even notice that you have a dental appliance unless you point it out.

Implants are hard to care for

Have you been told that you need to go out of your way to keep your dental implants clean and in excellent condition? Well, this is not entirely true. Implants are not similar to dentures which require extreme care to protect them from falling, breaking or becoming loose. The implant is made of metal which is permanently grafted into the gum; therefore, no extra care is required to maintain it. What you need to care for is the crown placed on the implant. However, since it is like your natural teeth, you only need to brush and floss as usual, and you're good to go.

Now that you know the truth about implants, you can get your missing tooth replaced. Visit a dentist so that you can schedule an appointment and begin your journey to a beautiful smile.


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