The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

What You Should Know About Emergency Denture Repairs

Regina Carlson

Emergency denture repair simply means having your dentures repaired quickly or the same day they get damaged. This means that you should look for dental clinics that offer emergency denture repair services or same-day denture repair services. The following includes things you need to know about your dentures and denture repairs:

The Function of Dentures

Dentures help fill in missing teeth to give you a nice smile and make it possible for you to chew and speak correctly. If the dentures are damaged, they may not be able to accomplish their purpose and you may not be able to perform the actions made possible by dentures. It is, therefore, recommended to have your dentures repaired as soon as possible or the same day they get damaged.

What You Are Not Supposed to Do

Do not be tempted to repair the dentures yourself. Don't even be tempted to use super glue or wood glue. You might either cause more damage, poison yourself or cause injury to the soft tissue in your mouth. More damage means higher repair fees or irreparable damage that requires denture replacement. A replacement, on the other hand, means new dentures, which means incurring the cost of new dentures.

Poisoning yourself or causing injury to the tissue in your mouth means you need treatment, which might cost a lot. Don't forget that when you are receiving this treatment and paying for it, you will also be paying for new dentures or denture repair. Simply put, let a professional denture repair dentist handle all denture repairs to avoid the above.

What You Are Supposed to Do

You might either have dropped your dentures when cleaning or when taking them out of your mouth when sleeping. You might also have bitten something hard that caused the base to crack or a tooth to chip, crack or break. You could also have stored your dentures incorrectly and accidentally sat or stepped on them. Place the damaged dentures in a clean container and phone your same-day denture repair dentist. Inform him or her what happened and you will be guided on what to do. Expect to be told to carry your dentures in a clean container and not in your mouth.

The dentist inspects the damage and informs you whether they are repairable, how long it might take to repair them and how much it will cost you. If the cost of repair is close to the cost of new dentures, just get new dentures. Learn more by contacting companies like Everton Park Dentures.


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