The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

How to Help Your Body Stop Cavity Formation in a Tooth

Regina Carlson

To a certain extent, your body can tackle health conditions by itself. This is also true of oral conditions that lead to cavities. But your body needs your help too if you are to keep your oral health in good condition. With your help, your mouth can stop a cavity from forming even if the damage has already started to take place.

If you have had an issue with cavities in the past, or you keep getting cavities, then you'll be happy to know that you can stop cavity formation in its tracks.

Give your body the materials it needs to heal teeth

The first indication that a cavity is about to form is a white spot. White spots are the areas of your teeth that have experienced advanced demineralization. You can stop these white spots from turning into cavities if you act quickly. One way to do this is to provide your body with tooth rebuilding materials like calcium, phosphorous, potassium and vitamin D.

The best vitamin D is the sun, but you can find vitamin D in fatty fish too, such as sardines. Vitamin D will help your body to absorb calcium, a mineral that is crucial to reversing demineralization.

You can also get phosphorous from fatty fish so by eating lots of fatty fish, you can get your daily dose of vitamin D and phosphorous. Phosphorous, like calcium, helps to reverse demineralization. And potassium, which is found in vegetables and fruits, like bananas, is another useful mineral.

Rid your mouth of the cause of cavities

Bacteria cause cavities. So, if you have noticed a white spot on a tooth, reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria love sugary foods, so if you reduce your intake of sugary foods, you can reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. Brushing, flossing and rinsing out your mouth will also help to reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. Reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth and your mouth will have a better chance of halting a white spot before it becomes a cavity.

Replenish your mouth's greatest defence regularly

How does your body heal your teeth? Your body replenishes your teeth with new minerals with your saliva. If you have stocked up on the necessary minerals, and you have a healthy amount of saliva in your mouth, you can prevent cavity formation. Keep your body hydrated and you'll always have enough saliva to transfer minerals like calcium and potassium to your teeth.

Your body cannot reverse a cavity. You'll still need to meet with a dentist. But if you see a white spot on a tooth, then follow the advice given in this article. Learn more by contacting clinics like Geelong Dental Group.


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