The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

How to Make Your Professional Teeth Whitening Last Longer

Regina Carlson

Professional teeth whitening treatments are a great way to brighten your teeth, boost your confidence, or look great for a special event. However, as the NHS says, teeth whitening is not permanent, with results lasting between a few months and a few years depending on the treatment and your lifestyle. This guide gives three simple tips that will help you to ensure your treatment lasts as long as possible.

Follow Your Dentist's Advice

The best thing you can do to ensure your teeth whitening lasts is to follow your dentist's advice closely, and ask them exactly what you should do before and after your whitening treatment. There might be certain things you should do to prepare for a treatment or certain things you should avoid eating, drinking, or doing in the hours following your treatment — for example, after some whitening treatments, it's recommended that you stick to light-coloured foods. Don't be afraid to ask questions about your treatment and what you should do, as your dentist wants your treatment to be a success.

Be Careful When Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking certain foods can stain your teeth and can mean you need another whitening treatment sooner. Be careful when drinking tea, coffee and red wine, and avoid eating brightly coloured, staining foods such as pasta sauce and curry. If you do eat or drink these things, try brushing your teeth or using a mouthwash straight after. With fizzy drinks and other staining drinks, you could try using a straw or avoiding keeping your drink in your mouth for too long. If you aren't sure which foods and drinks to avoid, ask your dentist for advice.

Use Whitening Products Between Treatments

If you want to ensure that your teeth whitening treatment lasts longer, you could try using whitening products between treatments. For example, you could use a whitening toothpaste or mouthwash. You might choose to use this every day as part of your oral hygiene routine, or you might want to use them if you know you've eaten a lot of tooth-staining foods on a particular day. These products are not as effective as professional whitening treatments, but they can help to keep your teeth looking great in the gap between treatments.

By closely following your dentist's advice, avoiding foods and drinks that will stain your teeth and using whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes between treatments, you can ensure your professional teeth whitening lasts as long as possible.


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