The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

How to Prepare For a Dental Emergency on Holiday

Regina Carlson

Having a dental emergency on holiday, whether it's a chipped tooth or an infection, can be a nightmare. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare that will make any emergency less stressful and panic-inducing.

Know What Counts as an Emergency

The first thing you can do to prepare for a potential dental emergency is to know what counts as an emergency. Knowing what's an emergency will prevent you from wasting precious holiday time seeking out a dentist and will also ensure you see a dentist when you need to and therefore prevent further damage to your teeth. If your tooth is knocked out or chipped in an accident, you should see a dentist, especially if it's sharp. If a broken brace is causing trouble, see a dentist. If your toothache becomes very painful or keeps getting worse, see a dentist. One of the most common things you should look out for is a dental abscess, as this will only get worse without treatment and can become dangerous. The NHS explains the signs, such as intense toothache, sensitivity and a bad taste in the mouth.

Learn What to Do Right after an Emergency

It's also a good idea to learn what to do in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. For example, many people think nothing can be done about a knocked-out tooth, but this is not the case — sometimes, it can even be put back in the mouth. However, as the Oral Health Foundation describes, you should put the tooth back in the socket root down, or keep it in milk. Another example is that of a broken brace: your orthodontist should be able to show you how to wrap it in dental wax until you see a dentist. Knowing what to do in common emergencies will help you panic less and take decisive action.

Find an Emergency Dentist in Your Area

Finally, you can prepare by working out how to access an emergency dentist while on holiday. You could do this by researching emergency dentists in the area and finding one that will be accessible to you, then writing down the number and keeping it in a notebook or your phone. You probably won't need it, but it will save you valuable time in an emergency. You could also just plan how you will find a dentist. For example, you might ask your tour guide or a representative of your holiday company if applicable, or ask your hotel receptionist to call you a taxi to the nearest dentist.

 By knowing how to identify an emergency, learning how to act in case of an emergency and understanding how to find a dentist in your holiday location, you can ensure that your emergency is much less stressful and you can quickly get back to enjoying your trip.

For more information, contact an emergency dentist near you.


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